Why Exhibit


Why participate in Bridal & Beyond?

The News Sentinel Bridal & Beyond event combines a $265,000 media campaign with the power of event marketing to ensure that you are reaching your target audience in a unique way:

Why Event Marketing?

  • Audience Concentration: With nearly 40% of brides attending bridal shows during their planning process, event marketing offers the opportunity to interact one-on-one with potential customers and to leave consumers with impressions they won’t easily forget.
  • Cost effective: The average cost per attendee interaction at an event is significantly lower than the cost of an average sales call. Event-qualified leads mean more clients, less time!
  • Get an edge: Enhance your brand image and position and maximize awareness among our highly targeted consumer base.
  • Plus, we’ll send you a FREE list of registered brides by March 1, 2014!

Promotional Media Campaign

  • Full-color ads in News Sentinel publications.
  • Bridal & Beyond Magazine: More than 30,000 copies distributed to target audience households, to attendees of the event, and to every new bride who places an engagement announcement through July 2015!
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube promotion to interact with our target audience and generate excitement for the event.
  • Online: Advertising the event on, Facebook, and campaigns on
  • Media: Television and radio promotion during the two weeks leading up to the event.

For more information on booth packages and additional marketing opportunities, click here.

Take advantage of our multiple-show discount if you are participating in more than one Knoxville News Sentinel event, email for more information.

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